I use to suit your individual needs methodological approaches , best practices , experience and social competence within the following services:

You are looking for a neutral IT Workshop moderator?

My experience is based in preparation of many workshops as well as a moderator and mediator in many IT projects and IT organizational units.

By esteem in which I bring against each participant , I bring a lightness in the round , so that the open discussion participants quickly . By specific questions and theses as well as active listening I often succeed in motivating the participant for discussing and bringing own their own ideas. Using various techniques I enable various participants to share their opinions and to discuss it. Similarities and differences are immediately apparent visually. So can be brought quickly to clarify . Long Workshop times are shortened so and faster the aims are reached.

Processes illustrate your business, however, processes are not always adapted the new business demands. As part of an IT process analysis I take the existing processes, visualize these to identify dependencies and interfaces , compare these with the existing documentation and business requirements . External factors, such departments or customers can be an important input transducer for process optimization. These will also be included with in the optimization process. As part of a presentation, I introduce the analysis associated with a recommended. Upon request, I take the procedural and organizational implementation of the optimized process in your company.
You want an IT service you run by yourself to handover to a Serviceprovider or want to re- assign or validate the costs of a service run by a service provider. I support you in creating the required tender documents. At the same time I advise you which organizational measures in the context of an external service award should be considered ( Outsourcing / Out-tasking ).
You want to move your IT infrastructure or an existing data center to another data center? I will support you not only in the context of a classic migration planning. With me you have a partner from the field by your side, I analyze and evaluate your IT landscape. I work as proactively as possible to lower risks and to avoid problems in order to ensure a smooth process.
You need for a client or a project an IT partner for your business locally or abroad? As an internationally experienced consultants and project manager, I can represent you and your interests locally . Longer projects abroad ( Asia , USA , South Africa , Western Europe ). I bring next to the IT expertise with also a great intercultural experience , to ensure the implementation of your plans . This enables me mostly to create a win-win situation for both sides, so as to inspire even restrained cultures of new solutions.
I support you through my International experience as IT Rolloutmanager. Longer projects abroad I'm with the local and cultural realities of the Regions e. g. US, India or Asia familiar.
You want to reduce your IT costs? I have a number of approaches how to save over the long term with low spend of effort and money costs. As part of IT cost assessment I ask all product expenses to obtain an overview of the direct and indirect costs. This makes my springboard to progress directly into the areas to be optimized. Depending on the requirement, you get a recommendation like also associated with a cost benchmarking between internal and external services for short, medium and long-term savings. So you have a basis to make the right strategic decision for your company.