Dominik Geiger – IT Consultant

Linkedin Xing

As an independent IT consultant with practical experience I will available to facing your business needs.

Through my many years of experience in different I am very familiar with the different problems.

My knowledge of the industry allows me to act as a translator between business and IT to bridging the gap. IT is no foreign language for me, IT is an important "business enabler" to implement your business processes quickly and cost-effectively.

As IT project manager I take over with pleasure by your order the implementation of the advisory recommendation to create lasting value for your business. I have my very own agile and situational methodology to successfully support your project.

If your project is already started and you are looking for your project leader for a sparring partner, I am happy with advice and practical help. Based on a "Quick Project review" you receive from me an independent feedback, if you requested an action recommendation I will provide this as a result of my review.

For an initial consultation, please contact me personally.